Exit sign for Route 66. Deserted Road, flat land with blue sky.

For adventurous couples seeking iconic American scenery, a honeymoon spent exploring the nation's first intercontinental highway on Route 66 is not only nostalgic, it's magical. Whether you want to take your time exploring the highway's quaint hotels, roadside shops, restaurants, and towns, or you want to simply enjoy the scenery of a much quieter byway, Route 66 is a romantic stretch of highway that symbolizes our nation's freedom and the beauty of America's heartland.

What was once a sun drenched, east-west corridor leading folks from Ch
o to the West Coast is now a reminder of simpler times, like when making good time wasn't the only thing that mattered.

Popular Attractions in California along Route 66

Santa Monica PierThe spot where the journey begins, this wonderful pier is perfectly Californian. Dotted with fringed palm trees and in the shadow of a large Ferris wheel, this highway is best enjoyed before you drive it. Take time to walk wonderful beaches here and watch for surfers trying to catch their curls. But after you hop in to begin your road trip, the winding route by the beach will provide some of the most beautiful oceanfront driving you have ever experienced.

Pasadena FreewayThe Pasadena Freeway is just as chic as winding along the beachfront, but in an entirely different way. Marked at the north end of Arroyo Parkway as a State Historic Freeway, this less crowded portion of Route 66 is open for cruising because long-haul trucks are prohibited. Fun and fast-paced, this highway also weaves itself in and out of some of the most beautiful Californian homes in the area.

Dunes, Craters & Drive-In'sFor some geological wonder, the Amboy Crater is a prehistoric volcano in the Mojave Desert near San Bernardino. Accessible by a short gravel road from the National Old Trails Road, you need to be an avid hiker to get up close and personal. Regardless, it does give Route 66-ers a reason to stop and enjoy the desert view. If you have some time to spend near the Crater, the Kelso Dunes, the Mitchell Caverns, and Smith's Ranch Drive-In are all excellent desert attractions to keep you occupied for a full afternoon.

Popular Attractions in Arizona along Route 66

Oatman, AZEver wanted to see and feed a wild burro in an old western town? Well, now's your chance. Oatman, Arizona is like something out of a John Wayne film. Dust-covered and old-fashioned, honeymooners can rough it at the Havasupai Campsite or book a room at the Oatman Hotel. Western and rustic, the hotel restaurant has pulled pork, coleslaw, cold beer, and even dried burro ears to sample. If you like kitsch, this is one tourist town that will make you as happy as a pig in mud.

Unique Motel along Route 66 from Santa Monica – Flagstaff

Wigwam Motel, San Bernardino, CAIf you are looking for a place to bunk (even if it is only an hour and half from the Santa Monica Pier), consider the Wigwam Motel in San Bernardino. Oversized teepees huddled together like an authentic Indian village make this place worth a drive-by if nothing else. Since it underwent a major re-haul in 2005, you will find that these teepees are quite clean and convenient (they now have card keys), as well as a pool, excellent service, and dozens of photo opportunities.