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modern travel organizer from Anthropologie
Photo: Anthropologie

Let's Get Goin'

This is the perfect pick for any newlywed road trippers. What better way to capture all the memories and keep everything together than with this travel journal and organizer? ($18.95; anthropologie.com)

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US travel map
Photo: Rand McNally

Who Needs Technology?

It's always a good idea to have a backup for when technology fails. This handy road map will be a lifesaver when your phone dies, or when the GPS just isn't cooperating. Plus, it makes a cute keepsake with all your stops and notes you can make along the way. ($5.99; randmcnally.com)

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emergency car battery charger
Photo: Urban Outfitters

The "Just In Case" Jump Starter

Let's be honest, you can never be too prepared when taking a road trip—and who wants to spend their honeymoon with a car that won't start? This tiny jump starter is so small, you won't even know it's there—until you need it. ($130; urbanoutfitters.com)

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simple throw blanket
Photo: Target

Cozy In the Car

Cozy up in the car with this chic little throw. Not only will it come in handy when it's the hubby's turn to drive (and you can catch a cat nap), but it will also be a nice addition to your blanket collection back home. ($39.99; target.com)

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travel game cards with road trip challenges
Photo: Uncommon Goods

Adventure Is Out There

Keep the car ride interesting and make all your stops memorable with this deck of tour guide cards. Not only will it be fun to see each other doing things that might normally be out of your element, but it's also a great way to experience the cities you're stopping in. ($12.95; uncommongoods.com)

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Roadtrippers app
Photo: Roadtrippers

There's An App For That

In today's day and age, there's pretty much an app for everything—even one to help you map and plan your road trip. (Free Downloadable App; roadtrippers.com)

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travel cooler bag
Photo: L.L. Bean

Don't Forget The Snacks!

Goodies and munchies are a road tripper's must-have, especially when you just got married—can't have your man getting all hangry at you on the road. This little cooler is the perfect size to keep all your car ride snacks within reach. ($29.95; llbean.com)

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book of conversation questions
Photo: Urban Outfitters

Ask Away

Who would you choose if you could only pick one person to be your road trip partner for life? That could be one of the fun and entertaining questions from this book. Get to know your husband even more than you already do and see if he'd pick you for the long drives in the car. ($8.95; urbanoutfitters.com)

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solar phone charger
Photo: Free People

For As Long Your Phone Shall Live

Easily power up any device with this handy solar powered charger. With a super-fast charge time and a convenient key chain attachment, you'll never use the excuse "my phone died" again. So set this little guy on your dashboard, crank up the tunes and hit the road without any worries. ($32; freepeople.com)

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phone lens set
Photo: Urban Outfitters

Attach, Click, Capture

Polaroid cameras are fun, but on a long car ride, pictures can get lost in the mix—or even bent or ruined. Opt for a simple, more convenient option with this 3-in-1 lens set. Just attach to your phone and snap away. Talk about road trip memories done easy! ($34; urbanoutfitters.com)