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Coming up with a creative wedding thank you card idea can be difficult, especially if you had a honeymoon registry. You know how you love receiving gift cards, but hate getting them?  That's probably how a lot of people felt who sent you gifts through your honeymoon registry--a little dull, maybe a little impersonal.  Show them how much you appreciate their generous gift by making the thank you card from your honeymoon registry completely unique.

Hawaii postcard print

Use postcards.  Purchase a bunch of postcards during your travels and ship them off when you get back.  Or, really earn bonus points, by jotting down a quick note and thanking them while still at your destination.  For example, if your uncle gave you the gift of a rainforest tour, write a few sentences after the experience and drop it off in your hotel lobby to be mailed.

couple in Paris market

Take memorable photos.  Why not hire a photographer during your honeymoon for a quick photo session?  Especially if you escaped to a once-in-a-lifetime destination, you aren't going to want all your pics to be selfies.  Choose the best photo that encapsulates your vacation experience, and turn it into a photo card (top photo in post).   Or, take lots of photos of each other doing all the excursions and "extras" that you registered for. You can either mail each one as a photo postcard (to the person/people who gave you that particular present), or enclose it in a traditional thank you card.  These photos don't have to be traditional. Why not send the guests who gave you that sweet suite a pic of the most epic pillow fight of all time?

couple having a hotel room pillow fight
thank you card props

Take along props.  Love those photos with the bride and groom holding up "thank you" signs?  Instead of taking this photo on your wedding day, pack the signs and find a great backdrop. Enlist a passerby to snap the shot of the two of you in front of the Eiffel Tower, or on a beach in Maui, or in the middle of Times Square.  Showing your gratitude for this amazing vacation by sending a little of the experience along will be something your guests will treasure!

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