honeymooners enjoying the beach, palm trees and sunshine

As the average marriage age for U.S. couples increases, more couples no longer need a department store wedding registry. If you already have the pots and pans, bathmats, and mixers and want an amazing honeymoon, consider a honeymoon registry instead.

While asking for cash is primarily still seen as a faux pas, a real honeymoon registry takes all the possible etiquette blunders out of the equation. The main difference between a honeymoon registry and a store registry is that the honeymoon registry generally has experiential rather than household presents on the list. But the lists look very much the same. Watch the video below to get a tour on getting started with Honeymoon Wishes and what you can expect your guests to see.

As the video suggests, your honeymoon gift registry will be so much richer if you provide more specific information regarding your trip. For example, if you only enter that you are going to Hawaii, but no other information, your guests will see general experiences, such as a luau that you are interested in. However, when you include selections with their travel partners, your guests will be able to see exactly what luau package they are purchasing for you (and the travel partner will even help you plan the perfect time), rather than simply funding your honeymoon. It's a much more personalized experience for you and your friends and family who are excited to be a part of this momentous vacation.