You just planned a wedding. A whole, big, fun and beautiful wedding. And then you had a wedding. A whole wonderful, family-and-friend-filled and possibly completely exhausting wedding. So we think you and your honey should now indulge in one simple thing: the utter relaxation of a honeymoon. And because we truly want you to embrace that relaxation with every fiber of your married self we have just the thing for you – a guide, if you will, to some of the best of Dallas self-indulgence. Day at the spa or fantastic massage, anyone?

Salt scrub in the showers and hot neck pillows pre-appointment are just the tip of the Ritz-Carlton's spoil-you-rotten spa treatments. With 12,000 square feet of luxury – including two VIP couple’s suites – this facility has the space and the service to stick to their reputation as Texas’ premiere spa experience. And that’s before we even begin to ponder their signature treatments. We think the Texas Eight-Hand Massage sounds divine but we’re not sure we can pass up on Dean’s Margarita Salt Glow. Also in town is the award-winning spa at the Rosewood Crescent Hotel where you can select from among 77 different treatments, including aromabaths and hydrotheraphy. Meanwhile, the best massages in town are rumored to be found elsewhere. Venture into the Grand Spa for a whole list of options (we like the sound of a post-wedding sports massage with “localized self-heating mud treatment” – after all, a wedding is a marathon in its own right), or check out Texas-born and Dallas original Hiatus Spa + Retreat, a local favorite. With all this luxury, we’re sure you’ll never want to leave.

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