Are you dreaming of a destination wedding but worry that it may have a negative impact on the environment? Below are some foolproof ways to plan your dream green wedding without sacrificing anything on your special day.

Finding a Green Getaway:

Pair terms like "all-inclusive resort" with "organic" "eco" and "green" in your search engine to find a list of options. You can also look for places that are Green Globe or LEED certified so you don’t end up staying at a hotel that may not follow real green practices. If you want to go to a larger "club" resort, Beaches and Sandals are now Green Globe 21 certified and offer all-inclusive beach vacations and wedding packages.

Hire a Green Certified Wedding Planner:

The Wedding Planning Institute and The Green Bride Guide recently began offering a Green Wedding Professional certification course to their interested planning pros. Visit or for a listing of available planners who have completed the program.

Going Local Is Not Always So Green:

Often times a small destination wedding has less of an environmental impact than a large, lavish affair back home. You can also offset your plane ride by purchasing carbon offsets or making sure that you book a direct flight to avoid excess fuel emissions.

The Marriage of Hotel and Farm:

Find a smaller, all-inclusive eco-resort or lodge that offers luxury accommodations and spa experiences, but will also provide eco-tour options like bird-watching, safaris, and kayaking. There are many places that act as both a hotel and a sustainable farm where all of your meals come straight from the garden and the local livestock!

Photo Credit: Oh Darling! Photography