Bride and groom who just got married in Cancun, Mexico

You know we have a special place in our hearts for Colin Cowie. Celebrity event planner and wedding designer extraordinaire (hello, Oprah, JLo and Jen), Colin is known for his uncanny ability to create rockstar quality weddings and uniquely customizable events alike. And when you pair his celebration-inspiring resume with a location like, say, the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun, magical things start to happen. It might have something to do with this all inclusive hotel's award-winning team of hospitality experts, or the edgy vibe of the hotel's decor, or the luxurious accommodations, but we're also willing to credit the beachfront setting and lagoon and ocean views.

Elegant ivory beach wedding ceremony site in Cancun, Mexico.

First, let's talk weddings. We were fortunate to see firsthand what the collaborative powers of Hard Rock and Colin Cowie have cooked up — a stunning diversity of destination wedding ideas that includes nine exclusive wedding collections featuring details like lush gardens and iconic waterfront views, as well as a variety of styles to complement the unique tastes of each couple the Hard Rock works with. We're a little bit in love with the Elegant Ivory designs ourselves...

However, these offerings don't stop at destination weddings. In fact, it seems like kind of a genius idea to plan a destination wedding and honeymoon at the same location so you can cue the utter relaxation ASAP. And because the Hard Rock has thought of pretty much everything, they've worked with Colin Cowie to design a honeymoon package that matches the quality and luxury of your wedding. Couples massages, romantic dinners, breakfasts in bed and rose petal filled hydro tubs are only the tip of an iceberg that also includes tropical breezes and infinity pools. In other words, it's some kind of wonderful.

What do you think? Will you be taking your destination wedding to Mexico?


This post is brought to you in partnership with our friends at the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun.