A beach wedding ceremony on Key West, Florida Keys with the bride and groom at the alter and guests sitting on chairs.

Although the Florida Keys put off a very relaxed, beach town vibe, the string of islands is better known for its incredible marine life than for the white sandy beaches. However, if an oceanfront wedding is exactly what you’ve always dreamed for your celebration, never fear. You still have options amid several public beaches and a number of private resorts – and they’re utterly breathtaking. And once you’ve found your Florida Keys wedding venue, we’ve got just a few more people in mind who’d love to help you plan your day to perfection.

Florida Keys Wedding Catering

It’s safe to say that your wedding day catering is one of the largest details you’ll determine as you plan your special day – along with your venue, your photographer, and your soon-to-be, of course. Caribbean Catering is an Islamorada-based catering company with 15 years of experience and the ability to turn your wedding day into a one of a kind event with excellent service and gourmet menus. Fully involved in your dreams for the day, this company embraces your ideas and works hard to carry them to fruition.

Florida Keys Wedding Planner

We know you’re busy. And we know that planning this wedding is going to make you even busier – which leads us to one simple thought: wedding planners can be wonderfully helpful. From the first ideas you dream up to the schedule of your day itself, a wedding planner will come alongside you to ensure that your wedding plays out exactly as you’ve imagined. Island Life Events is one Florida Keys wedding planner we’d love you to meet. This local company focuses on irreplaceable wedding days with both form and function.

P.S. Don’t forget to use the best planning tools around – our wedding websites are perfect for communicating with your guests and sharing the details of your wedding day and registry.

Photo credit: Elle Golden Photography