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Need help planning your honeymoon registry? Honeymoon Wishes can make registering for your honeymoon a completely stress-free experience. Here are 3 steps to creating a fantastic registry for your guests:

1. Choose an inspiring destination.

Of course, you should choose where you truly want to go. But since you are registering for your honeymoon and not having to pay for it on your own, you can probably afford to go somewhere other than an hour from your hometown.  Pick a destination that is reasonable for your budget (because you will probably have to pay some of your expenses) as well as what you think the average guest will give. In other words, if you have a guest list of 500, by all means, plan that trip to London. However, if your reception is more intimate and your finances are limited, you should probably pick a domestic city.  There are so many terrific U.S. cities to visit, that you shouldn't be discouraged if you don't go international. We love Portland, Anchorage, Boston, Austin, and Savannah for fun and unique vacations.

2. Create a registry that is vibrant and interesting.

Honeymoon Wishes allows you to select everything from dinners at awesome restaurants to fabulous excursions. Airfare and hotel are certainly important expenses, and you should absolutely include those as they probably the portion of the vacation you need help with most. But make sure to go beyond them for guests who want to more actively participate in your vacation registry. And definitely register for things you will actually attend. Guests will be disappointed if you don't end up doing the majority of what was on your registry! The best part of a honeymoon registry for guests is hearing about your experiences later or seeing pictures on your Instagram feed.

3.  Share your joy!

This brings us to our next point.  The registry experience shouldn't be over for your guests once they leave Honeymoon Wishes.  If you are a savvy social media user, make sure to update your feeds with cool honeymoon pics. Otherwise, just save images that you take along the way and send them to the guests who helped pay for that specific activity once you get home.  No matter what, make sure to send the usual handwritten thank you notes and draw special attention to the particular gift they gave you. For example, if your grandmother bought 50% of your hotel expenses, make sure to mention the spectacular view from your room or how great the service was.

Start your registry at Honeymoon Wishes now!