Saint Lucia has something for every couple to enjoy. And with plenty of fine dining, cultural activities, and sunsets to watch, your evenings might be pretty booked. However, with beautiful, temperate weather and outdoor excursions galore, we've got 3 lovely suggestions for a romantic day in Saint Lucia.

St Lucia sailing

Leave the Sailing to the Experts

Rent a boat for a guided tour of the coastline, or even attend a small tour with other honeymooning couples. The view from the sea is even more remarkable than what you can see from land. Pack lots of sunscreen and make sure your phone has plenty of space for more pictures!

Saint Lucia hiking

An Unforgettable Hike

Want something a little more private? Take a hike and explore some of Saint Lucia's stunning flora and fauna. Some of the most popular hiking for tourists is a climb of Gros Piton Mountain. However, the Tet Paul Trail, Pigeon Island National Landmark, and Edmund Forest Reserve are also local favorites. Didn't pack your hiking boots? That's okay. Take a long walk down the beach or head to a local plantation for a stroll.

kayaking in Saint Lucia

Go Kayaking

The great thing about kayaking is that you don't need to be experienced to pick it up quickly. Novices and more experienced kayakers can easily handle areas near the coast. Rent kayaks and ask for recommendations based upon your skill level.

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