A honeymoon couple walking on a beach in the Caribbean.

Whether you are cruising on an ocean liner or at a destination resort, Caribbean honeymoon activities are available for your selection. From private island activities for two to joining a tour group, honeymoon activities in the Caribbean provide memorable moments. Capture these special Caribbean honeymoon activities by keeping your camera close.

Resort Destination Island Activities for the Newlyweds

For a special day with just the two of you, rent a couple of ATVs. With a picnic lunch at your side, you can explore the jungle trails and learn more about each other at the many waterfalls or riverbanks along the way.

If you prefer the ocean air, set sail for a private island; snorkel along the coastline and on the return trip, watch the sun set as you relax on the deck sipping champagne.

Another option is to parasail as a team and float in the sky tethered to the motor boat below. End the day with a relaxing couple's massage with the sound of the surf in your ears.

Caribbean Cruise Excursions after Your I Do's

Join other vacationers for a guided tour of the island. A short bus ride into the town brings you to the historical sights of the city. Whether it is an old church, a forgotten fort, or an architectural building, the end of the tour brings some souvenir shopping to remember the sights.

Another option is to join the party boat with unlimited drinks, music, and dancing as it circles the island. Or, for a lazy hazy summer day, consider lounging on the beach in a hammock or a deck chair, soaking up the sun with an umbrella above and a tropical drink in hand.

If you prefer to be more active, ride a horse along the surf or float an intertube down the river or swim in a cenote, which is an underground cave with water.

Learning History on Your Honeymoon

If you are on a Caribbean cruise that stops by Mexico, steep yourself in history as you explore the ancient ruins up close. With a guided tour to Chichen Itza or the Mayan ruins, you can feel the touch of the brick or climb the steps of partial temples while pondering how these archeological sites were built by ancient man.

Other options include a tour of the ecological parks, lush forests, and waterfalls. Visit the habitat of protected sea creatures as you swim with giant turtles or dolphins. Catch a quick dive lesson on shore before jumping in to see the exciting world under the sea. Or for a more groundeĀ experience, remain on land with fishing pole in hand to catch dinner.