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Why have destination weddings been gaining massive popularity over the last decade? They are perfect for couples who want to avoid stress, big budgets, and the anxiety of the logistical jigsaw-puzzle most weddings create. In lieu of eloping, engaged duos can now have the choice to include family and friends on their adventure. For couples who want the same advantages of exclusivity but don't want to go down the matrimony path completely solo, a destination wedding can check both boxes.

If you are a couple that loves the idea of a hassle-free, intimate affair, it may be the perfect choice for your budget and your sanity. However, what exactly is a destination wedding? For some, it can be something as simple as a drive over a mountain pass and for others it can be a 12-hour flight. Here are the basics of a destination wedding so that you can decide if going someplace else is exactly where you want to be.

What Are Destination Weddings? Virtually Stress-Free
The most stressful part of a destination wedding may be booking your flight and accommodations. Not much different than the energy it can take to book a vacation, planning your wedding can be nothing more than a couple clicks away. Forget about having to book a ceremony and reception venue; most resorts have that onsite. Spending every lunch break calling hundreds of different vendors and florists? No need! Most resorts offer those services in-house too.

Stress is going to be present on your wedding day, regardless. However, if you would rather worry about getting a lime wedge for your beer instead of heading off a confrontation between your mother-in-law and her best frenemy, a destination wedding gives you the option. Also, once you choose a destination that alone is an excellent weeding-out tool. The moment you decide to get married out of town, those non-committal guests will become obsolete.

What Are Destination Weddings? Cost-Effective
Couples love destination weddings because they are affordable. If you balk at the average cost of a wedding, which is approximately $20,000, a destination wedding can offer you a package deal for a fraction of that cost. Budgets must be watched in a down economy, and getting married elsewhere may be that perfect way to save you much-needed time and money.

For the best savings, get married in a country that offers an all-inclusive resort. Paying a flat-fee for everything from the DJ to your cake topper is the smartest way to set a budget and stick to it. An all-inclusive resort is also more enticing for guests as well and can guarantee you have a few of your favorite people beachside while you tie the knot.

What Are Destination Weddings? Completely Customizable
You are the boss. This may be the single most important reason that couples skip town. A destination wedding allows you to make the final choices on everything. Family traditions that irk you, or dynamics that can throw off the merriment of the evening can all be side-stepped by choosing to take matters into your own hands.

If you are a non-traditionalist, a destination wedding allows you to eat, drink, and wear whatever you want. A hula skirt, a bikini, your mother's 50's swimsuit? The world is your oyster. For brides who want to pick and choose her options for a completely customizable day, a destination wedding can be tailor-made to fit her personality (and budget).