A couple snorkeling in the crystal clear turquoise waters of Moorea with the lush green mountainous hills of the island in the background.

It's no wonder that the world's largest ocean has the most island getaways for honeymooners. With thousands of tropical beaches to choose from, welcome to the South Pacific. Yet make no mistake: not all of islets are alike. In fact, delve deeper into the offerings and you'll discover that there just may be one spot tailor-made for you. 

In Search of: Seclusion

Visit: Cook Islands

With 15 islands to choose from, the Cook Islands are distinctly off-the-beaten path because you'll find no huge hotel chains here. Couples seeking a beach holiday that is far from tourist-driven will love this locale. Located mid-way between Hawaii and New Zealand, Cook Islanders are actually New Zealand citizens. Nevertheless, they tout themselves as the area's best kept secret. You also won't forgo luxury for the sake of privacy there are many five-star retreats for those who want to splurge (and quaint guest houses for those who want to save).

In Search of: Mystery

Visit: Easter Island

Located in the southeastern Pacific, closer to Chile than Australia, lies the Easter Islands . Only people seek out this famous spot in spite of its sun and water. That's because its 87 looming moai, or statues, make Easter Island a sought out destination for the adventurous. Considered a high volcanic island, Easter Island isn't a place to surf and sunbath. Rather, it is a one-in-a-lifetime destination for couples seeking a bit of archeological exploration and mystery to their honeymoon. While it takes nearly six hours to get to from the nearest continental airport, you can take solace in the fact that the island itself is quite easy to cover upon arrival. And when you're satisfied this slice of Polynesian history, you can still relax on one of the island's two pristine white beaches.

In Search of: Diversity

Visit: Fiji

Count 322 islands in the archipelago of Fiji. But the majority of honeymooners seek out the gorgeous Nadi and Denarau Islands because they are that amazing. Nearly half a million tourists visit Fiji each year so it's not exactly the prime place for isolation. Nevertheless, Fiji satisfies because it has such a variety of options, it has something for just about everyone. There are rain forests and shopping, coral reefs and water sports. Whether you're into backpacking or snorkeling, fine Champagne or traditional Polynesian dance, Fiji will please.

In Search of: Home Away From Home

Visit: Hawaii

Hawaii makes the list because it is Polynesia's northernmost island. With its perfect climate, proximity to the mainland and amazing waves (surfing was said to be born here), the six islands, like Lanai, Maui and Molokai, Kauai, Oahu and the Big Island are just a few of the spots to visit on your honeymoon. Okay, technically this 50th state of the U.S. is not part of the South Pacific. But one visit and you'll understand why it can't be passed up.

In Search of: Scuba Diving

Visit: Micronesia

Micronesia includes thousands of islands but there are really eight main that stand apart. And if you're a scuba diver, then make a bee-line straight to Guam. It stands apart; it is known as one of the best scuba diving spots in the world. So what makes Micronesia a go-to place for deep-water sports? Thousands of fish live in its untouched seas. The area also provides excellent visibility (it is said there are just about no swells 95 percent of the year). Need one more reason to make the trek to this area of the South Pacific? On Guam, the diving is also convenient: there are a large amount of reefs for walk-in dives, making boat rides not even necessary.

In Search of: Quick trip

Visit: Samoa Islands

When you trek all this way to a remote area of the world, sometimes the choice between lounging on the beach all day long or covering all the activities and opportunities that an island retreat has to offer can create a bit of tension for honeymooners seeking relaxation. So here's where the Samoa Islands come in. For guilt-free loafing, your best bet is Samoa. While some South Pacific nations tout thousands of islands in its domain, Samoa conveniently has a mere 10. And while it also has the requisite desolate beaches, Banyan trees, coral reefs, and waterfalls you seek in a refuge, there's not much else you're missing out on so you can go back to your reading and afternoon snooze.

In Search of: Culture

Visit: Tahiti and French Polynesia

If the South Pacific had a mother ship, Tahiti and French Polynesia would be captain. With its connection to France, rich Polynesian culture and storied past as a civilized society, Tahiti is also ideal for those who want the ultimate Polynesian experience. Whatever your mood, seek it out for water sports, fine French cuisine, or seclusion. As one of the most romantic South Pacific areas, with their famed overwater bungalows and remote atolls, you'll understand why honeymooners flock to Tahiti for all the right reasons.

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