A Hawaiian honeymoon is synonymous with warm weather, sunny skies, and beautiful surroundings.  But which island should you travel to? Each of Hawaii's islands have their own distinct personality and activities for visitors to enjoy. Let's explore each island to help you find the perfect destination for your honeymoon.

Romantic view from hike in Waimea Canyon on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.


The shooting locations for such films at South Pacific, Jurassic Park, and The Descendants, you already know Kauai is beautiful. It's a magical mix of lush, green fields and picturesque hikes. Couples wanting to spend a large portion of their honeymoon exploring trails (such as Waimea Canyon, above) and sailing near sea caves, should head to this sweet island. You'll find plenty of accommodations and restaurants, but it will also be a bit slower-paced than some of the more tourist-centric isles.

beach sunset in Lanai, Hawaii


The least populated of all of Hawaii's inhabited islands, Lanai is home to a couple of stunning luxury resorts. If you want a Hawaii honeymoon that is secluded, indulgent, and relaxing, Lanai is the best bet! Most of Lanai's land is privately owned, and there is not an abundance of businesses outside the resorts--so, expect plenty of quiet moments. Formerly an island filled with pineapple plantations, you can now go golfing or horseback riding near the extensive resort properties. Make sure to visit the Garden of the Gods, a breathtaking red rock desert landscape.

coastline of Molokai, Hawaii


You'll find limited options for accommodations and dining here, but this is paradise for couples that want a completely wild, natural, and untamed Hawaiian vacation. There are less visitors here than any other inhabited island. In fact, you won't even find a traffic light! Visit Kalaupapa, a former leper colony, to experience an unforgettable chapter in Molokai's history. Otherwise, savor hikes on coastal trails, soaking up the sun and taking plenty of pictures of the rugged terrain (above).

Honolulu skyline at dusk in Oahu


If you want a honeymoon filled with tons of choices in accommodations, dining, and entertainment, then Oahu is definitely your honeymoon destination. From tours of local landmarks to luaus on the beach, you won't lack for things to do on this lively island, especially in Honolulu (pictured above).  Couples wanting a memorable honeymoon filled with strolls on Waikiki Beach with shaved ice and serious tanning time by the pool, look no further than Oahu's charms!

couple hiking near volcano on the Big Island

Big Island

Don't want to choose between exotic sights and creature comforts? We think you will love the Big Island (Hawaii).  After all, it's the only island where you can ski and sunbathe all in the same day.  The one can't miss landmark? The giant Mauna Loa volcano at Volcanoes National Park (above). Spend the day at the park museum and taking hiking tours around this awe-inspiring site.

waterfall along Hana Highway in Maui


The most geographically diverse of all of the Hawaiian islands, you can travel through different climates all in the same day on Maui.  An island dotted with small towns, Maui's beauty is tucked in every nook and cranny. On the Hana Highway, expect to see waterfalls around curves in the road (pictured above).  Couples who want to spend their time in the water should definitely consider this lovely island. In fact, it's reportedly the best of all the islands for windsurfing.

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