Uday & Meera

About Uday & Meera

Here's Meera's take on Uday and Uday's take on Meera

Who's Meera?

Who's Meera?

Meera is the sweetest gal ever! I am really lucky to find such a lovely partner.

Chirpy and playful, she loves to surround herself with cheerful friends and family. And, yes, I was floored by her gorgeous smile!

Born and brought up in Bengaluru, Meera is a polyglot by accident. She is fluent in Kannada, Hindi and English, and understands Telugu and Tamil. Ok, to prove that it is no accident, Meera learnt Spanish for a couple of years and picked up some German too! Well, all I care about is talking to her in Telugu and she promised me that she will get fluent in my mother tongue too :-)

Actually, Meera picked up these European languages at work. If you have not heard of reinsurance, Meera's company "Swiss Re" may not ring a bell. Swiss Re is the second largest reinsurer in the world and earns premiums close to $20B. Meera has been working with them for the past five years in claims management and technical accounting.

Meera dabbled in many things before college. She trained to be a Bharatanatyam dancer, took vocal lessons and participated in athletics. Meera played table tennis at the state-level and I am pretty sure she will beat me anytime. I told her, if she ever gets upset with me, she can call me out for a game of table tennis and extract her revenge. :-)

Meera does have family in the US. Her sister lives in Chicago, IL with her huband and two kids. Her brother, newly married, lives in Tampa, FL with his wife. So, I hope Meera won't be totally homesick when she comes to San Francisco Bay Area after marriage.

As the youngest in her family, Meera has been pampered from childhood. I guess she expects it from me too. Well, I have pampered my sister enough till her marriage and I am really tired. Instead, can someone please pamper me! Jokes aside, Meera is a very patient, kind and understanding person and deserves nothing but the best. And, I promise her that.

Who's Uday?

Who's Uday?

Uday is a truly nice person...very humble, with a whole lot of enthusiasm and Zest.

He is a SuperSmart guy, who did his Bachelors from IIT, Delhi and later pursued MBA from Duke University. Presently, working as a management consultant in California, US.

Uday is so positive all the time...that itself is a tall order to beat:-)

Enjoys whatever he does and goes out of his way to help others, works actively with nonprofits/NGOs ...No doubt,I am impressed.
"An answered prayer he is to me & my greatest blessing he will always be"...I am really lucky!!!

He loves partying and spending time with his friends. He is also a major health freak and he does yoga & visits gym regularly... my "Macho Man"!

Oh Yyyyeah...I forgot to mention, he is a workoholic. Please make some time for me...:-)