Uday & Meera

Our Story

Hey, we do have an interesting story - pretty sure it is not something you have heard before.. read on!

How we got engaged!

Our parents introduced us when Uday visited Bengaluru (Bangalore). Our courtship was brief as Meera had to fly to Switzerland for work and Uday had to come back to the US. We liked each other very much and kept in touch over phone. Unfortunately, the economy tanked and Uday could not make another trip to India to meet Meera again.

Uday decided not to waste any time and proposed to Meera over phone!!! Meera was shocked, surprised and thrilled. Of course, she said "yes"!!!

As friends tease, Uday ushered in an era of e-ngagement or e-Engagement in the family.

Why so fast?

Easy to guess: Uday lives in the US and Meera lives in India. The only way we could get together is to get married!

Trust Indian parents if you want to make things happen! Matching India's growth rate this year, our parents worked out the details super fast and the reception/wedding dates were finalized as April 11th/12th, 2009

What's going on now?

e-Romance! :-)

Oh, we miss each other a lot, but we keep in touch over land line, cell phone, calling card, VOIP phone, email, instant messaging, Skype video, etc.

We are actually very excited that the wedding date is quite close!

What next?

Meera will be moving in with Uday after the wedding and the couple we will be in the San Francisco Bay Area soon!

Meera is trying to get a transfer within her company to join Swiss Re's Northern California office. In addition, she has to deal with the immigration issues (H1B quota etc). Wish her all the luck!