Jim & Paula


Jim & Paula

Our wedding date: July 03, 2010

Welcome to our "planning site". This site is seperate from our actual site for two reason - to protect our privacy and so that our guests don't find out what we have planned for our special day!!!

I have been collecting pictures for a long time via the Knot and other webpages. If any of these pictures are yours and you are not credited, please contact me on here and I will credit you!

The main reason for creating this site is simple - I am a single mother, juggling kids, home fiancee and a 50+ hour a week career in a very demanding insurance industry. Our budget is limited - $10,000 - and this is my way of being able to prove that you can have a gorgeous wedding without having to spend a ton of money. I try to keep my pricing information updated, for those in my area who really want a realistic idea on how much things cost!

Thank you for visiting!

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