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About Us

What is a wedding about.....

It's about the two of you.  That loving  glance, the  laughter and the tears of joy  you  possibly missed throughout the buzz of the day. Those are the moments you will be able to revisit after the dust settles. We are here to create for you, photographic memories.  With that said, fun is a must. Lets discuss  your vision and together do everything we can to make it happen.

Talented and artistic, Ellie is the visionary of the team. She has had the luxury of working the past few years with one of the top photographers in the country and is always looking at ways of  improving her craft. Passionate about getting the shot...it never gets old.

Mike is the techie half of this duo.  Along with a keen eye and cool demeanor he has the ability to capture wonderful moments throughout your day.  He has studied photography at a college level and had his own dark room. Now that the digital age is here....well there goes that fun. Let us know how we can help make at least our part in your day effortless.  We already know how to make it last a lifetime.