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I think your wedding photography is really about you. It’s not about my style, its not about my experience, its about recording you and your intended while your family and friends celebrate your newly minted union. My job during this very special day is to give you as much help as I can without being intrusive, to record the moment without intruding in it.

I deliver this service by making you comfortable, making your friends and family comfortable because people take their best pictures when they are comfortable. It’s my job to get people to relax and just be themselves. This includes your aunt who doesn’t like taking pictures, your willful 2 year old niece and everyone in between.

I can do this because I am gentle yet carry myself with enough authority to manage the task without seeming imposing. It also doesn’t hurt that I’ve done over 180 weddings in 25 states and 14 countries. And I’d consider it an honor and a privilege to add you to my long list of extremely satisfied customers.


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