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About Us

Welcome to the Illuminata Photo brochure on MyMadisonWedding.com. I'm an accomplished professional photographer in Fitchburg, WI who shoots several weddings each year and I hope that I can be of service to you.

I shoot most of the formal poses with a medium-format film camera, so that you receive really rich, beautiful, detailed images, and then scan the images to convert them to digital files. In a typical wedding, I might shoot 20 to 60 film images when we photograph formal poses. There is a significant difference in the quality of a medium-format image when compared to nearly all digital cameras that you'll appreciate and be very glad that you chose. And, I shoot the majority of my shots - such as informal moments, arrivals, socializing, the ceremony, the reception - with my digital cameras in a photojournalistic style, to help better illustrate the story of your special wedding day.

You'll receive numerous digital images from various moments of your special day, along with the film images, through this combination. When I'm done, I'll provide you a DVD of all images taken with my digital cameras. And, since all of the images will be captured digitally, it will easy to print your images as color, black & white or sepia, if you wish. Many of the images of your special day will also be made available to you and your guests on a special website to which you'll have private access. I also have many different album options available to you, so please take a look and give me a call!

This past year, I've been using my large panoramic camera at weddings and the results have been wonderful and a lot of fun! This approach allows me to capture quite a large group, if you wish, and provide you with high quality images.

I will provide you high quality, exceptional value and excellent service! More importantly, I'll help you to have a fun and eventful day, reduce your stress and concerns with my gentle style, and help you to record life-lasting memories. If you have any questions of me, please feel free to contact me - I hope to hear from you. And good luck on your special day!!!