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Why 185Chocolat, LLC




I was the 185th recipient of a heart transplant at the Mayo Clinic.

The transplant was a joyous event in my life. It allowed me to follow my dream, creating chocolates. Chocolates are my passion.

185Chocolat is a blissful celebration, just like life ought to be.

I remember my father making fudge early in the morning on the weekends. Maybe becoming a Chocolatier was destiny. From both of my parents I learned to appreciate good food prepared by hand.

After my heart transplant in 2000 and completing my Masters in Counseling Psychology I followed my passion, making chocolate.

Creating recipes and learning to make Truffles began at home with blocks of chocolate, gallons of whipping cream and willing tasters.

Thank you to everyone who has been supportive of 185Chocolat, LLC since we have been playing with Chocolate professionally since 2008.

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Heidi Ash Owner/Chocolatier 185Chocolat, LLC
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To honor organ recipients and their caregivers at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, 185chocolat, LLC donates a portion of all proceeds to the Charity Transplant Fund. This charity goes directly to help individuals with non-medical costs such as housing and food.


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Unique handcrafted chocolates using the finest ingredients!


Delicious and beautiful, hand-painted truffles...what a perfect gift for your wedding guests.

Dec 21, 2011