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Premarital Counseling in Chicago Through Gate 14!

Premarital Counseling in Chicago just got easier thanks to Gate 14! Our unique program covers 14 important areas that all couples should explore prior to officially getting married. What follows are the 14 topics that we cover, spread out over six sessions. This is not group counseling. Only you, your significant other and your marriage counseling expert will be in your privite, confidential sessions.

These 14 Premarital Counseling areas include:

1. Motivation for marriage.

2. Expectations for the relationship.

3. Exploration of attachment styles (Love Styles).

4. Assessment of current communication barriers and ways to work through.

5. Identifying role-models for healthy relationships.

6. Establishing boundaries in the relationship designed to foster trust.

7. Exploring healthy support systems in the relationship.

8. Assessing how to best work through conflicts.

9. Responsibilities in the relationship (i.e. finances, house chores, child-rearing)

10. Reviewing the role of our friends and families.

11. Discuss spiritual values and finding common ground.

12. Exploring the role of sex in marriage and increasing intimacy.

13.  Identify and discuss other issues that you feel are important.

14.  Plan out the future



We went for premarriage counseling and loved the entire program. Flexible and affordable!

Jul 20, 2014

They did an AMAZING job with our premarital counseling needs. The price was right and the sessions covered everything we were hoping for. What we liked most was the flexibility of the program. In our situation, we had to spread our sessions out.

Jul 06, 2014

Excellent and very helpful with helping us figure out issues before we got married. Thank you 2nd Story Counseling!

Jun 30, 2014