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About Us

Our approach to wedding photography is a simple one: it’s “your wedding” and we are going to give you exactly what you want. We will work with you to determine what style of photography you are dreaming about for your day. We are able to accomplish this because we have oodles of experience: we’ve won the awards; been voted Best Photographers in areas all across the country; been published in magazines; on magazine covers; books; we’ve photographed celebrities; album covers and hundreds of weddings; we’ve been flown all over the country for our photography and our clients rave about us: “creative, un-obtrusive, perfectionists, fun and friendly”. But, the only thing that will be important to you is that we do a fantastic job on your wedding. Not only do we understand your needs - we nurture them.

First off, we have tons of experience - over 25 years between us. We use only the best equipment, accessories, specialty lenses and filters for the truly unique shots. Many photographic styles (editorial, photojournalistic, narrative, contemporary, innovative, southern formal, fine art etc…) exist and we employ all of them to give you your vision for your day.

This is your wedding and you’re the star.

We shoot digitally so all the pictures can be printed in either color, B & W, sepia or a fusion of colors. This way you’ll get photographs that are truer to your own personal style. Every wedding receives two shooting photographers which allows us to cover your wedding from more than one perspective and every single package includes the images (negatives) on disc(s) - completely free of charge. This can save you thousands in re-print costs alone. This system is ideal for Destination Weddings. We offer options to fit most budgets.

Your own wedding story is waiting to be told, let A Beautiful Day Photography help you tell it.

Won’t you please visit our website to determine if we are the best photography team for you.