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About Us

You’re in love. There are stars in your eyes. Your hearts feel as if they might burst with joy. Now the two of you are planning the most exciting day of your life together – you need a location . . . and the right officiant. You want an officiant who works with you to plan a joyful and personal ceremony to remember.

My joy is helping you plan a ceremony that declares your love for one another. Even if your wedding is based in a traditional faith, there are no two other people quite like the two of you. Joining your lives requires a unique ceremony that will reflect each of you. Your wedding will still bring fond memories when you have grown old together surrounded by your family.

Most couples wait until spring to marry. Flowers bloom and our hearts rise to the promise so evident in Spring. Summer, with its warm sun and soft breezes, is on the way. It is a time when lovers play together. We are thoughtful of the future and engage it joyfully. Then the seasons of Autumn and Winter follow Summer. We intensify our love and store our memories of playingfulness for the cold months that will demand more of us. And that is good.

There is something to be said for Winter weddings as well. During the cold and darker months of Winter, weddings speak of even more poignantly of faith and hope in the future. We believe with all our hearts that Spring and Summer will come. And we have hope in the power of the cycle of life to raise our hearts and minds to new heights.

Winter brings cozy fires and simple pleasures like hot chocolate and curling up on a sofa together. The holidays arrive – Kwanza, Thanksgiving and Hannuka, Christmas and New Year. Holidays bring tender thoughts of our fiancés. We want to grow comfortably (but oh so passionately) together over the years. Winter and more serious weather make us more thoughtful of down-to-earth love that protects and nourishes, and of lasting commitment.

What better time to begin growing together in the closest relationship of our lives? I would be honored to meet you in these thoughtful moments to plan a wedding of your design. That wedding may be celebrated months later in the delight of Spring and Summer – or you may indeed plan a heart-warming Winter Wedding. Either way, I am here for you.

Officiating at your wedding: This includes one meeting for planning the ceremony and up to 2 rewrites. For a more elaborate wedding, additional planning sessions are available. I also have pre-planned ceremonies for those who have reason to marry without a great deal of planning.
I charge $350.00 for a simple ceremony, plus travel if the site is more than 20 miles away.

Wedding Coaching: I can help smooth out the emotional stresses and situational issues that can arise during the months leading up to the wedding. Please call me for more information if you need this service.

I am an ordained priest certified by the Federation of Christian Ministries. My ministry is inclusive of all people, whatever their circumstances. I may officiate at your wedding even if the institutional church has turned you down. I also perform holy unions for gays and lesbian couples. I look forward to serving you by officiating at your wedding or holy union.