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About Us

You live in an Epic Love Story.

All of Heaven and Earth was moved so that you could live, love and be loved. It's a Story of intimacy, betrayal and rescue. The Story continues in the human heart.

You were created to be pursued, romanced and loved. As long as The Great Romancer is pursuing us, there is strength and joy in the hope of that reality. And when you get caught it is a sensuous affair for sure! Humans reflect the Sacred Romance when we fall in love and respond to our Adam or our Eve. It is that reality that we are completely obsessed with trying to capture on camera.

The Story is revealed through traditions such as the wedding ceremony. Your wedding is a shadow picture of the Wedding Feast to come! And we believe that epic photographs offer a glimpse beyond the veil. They hint at and reveal the truth of where we live, who we are, what we were made for, and where we long to remain. They are an invitation to look beyond the horizon, to see beyond the veil. I crave this vision and Paradise restored; therefore I will shoot your wedding with all of my heart -- searching for the heart of your love and this beautiful, once-in-a-life-time event!

I seek to take the stress off of your wedding day by offering you my photographic eye - as if it were your own. On your wedding day, I put you into places and create moments for you to enjoy each other - alone - yet in front of my camera. The day goes by so fast! You need some moments to breathe and just soak in each other in all your glory! You've worked so hard to get to these few hours and I want to take you away from the crowd for a little while and let you hold each other and look into each others eyes, laugh, kiss and just be together (of course in front of the camera!).

I am relaxed and move with the day-flowing with it-capturing how the story unfolds, yet can control what I need to - to get the shot I need. Depending upon the package you purchase, there are archival framed prints, many beautiful albums to choose from, parent albums, a digital package and many add-on's. I'm confident that you will love your experience with us and become friends forever.

Chance Encounter is a boutique studio, based in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho offering wedding photography with a photo-journalistic approach. Our professional style is relaxed, honest, candid and a little unpredictable - celebrating life, love, freedom, your heart and Elohim's (God's) glory found through 'A Chance Encounter.' You'll love being in front of Rebekah's camera and developing a lifetime relationship with the Garvins.

The pictures are simply awesome! Both Ryder and I loved them! I started crying when I saw them… thank you for such beautiful memories. I am so overwhelmed with how wonderful the pictures turned out that I can't seem to put in words. You truly captured the heart of Ryder and I and how we feel about each other. That day was the greatest moment in our lives so far and to have pictures that capture that moment and that feeling is so worthwhile.
~Sharon and Ryder