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About Us

We promise that on your wedding day YOU will be the star of the show, not the DJs.  When your guests walk into your reception we want them to see your beautiful decorations, not the DJ table.  We won’t disrupt your wedding with sequined vests, crazy wigs, cheesy tuxes, or giant vinyl banners.  Our setup will be cohesive with your wedding, rather than distracting from other elements of your carefully planned event.  We customize our setup for every single event to ensure that the DJ table fits in impeccably.  This can include lighting our DJ table by candlelight, using white curtains to obscure unattractive electronics & wiring, and more.  We use just a little bit of scented fog to accent your atmosphere and highlight our dance lighting, which we'll design in your wedding colors.

We’ll help you think about the small details that will make your big day so special.  We'll work with you to develop an event schedule that will suit your wedding style, accommodate your reception venue, make the most of your photographer's time, and ensure that everyone enjoys themselves and that no one misses a thing.  We’ll arrange for special dances and activities that make every one of your guests feel welcomed and included, and provide a sweet gift for a special couple.  

Our unique battery powered sound systems allow you to have the outdoor wedding of your dreams even at locations without a power outlet in sight.  While we entertain your guests we also take numerous photos of your wedding.  We’ll burn them on a CD before you leave and present them to you in a gift bag stocked with wine, chocolates, & more goodies.

We know that you don’t want a “cookie cutter” wedding.  We’ll work with you extensively to ensure that the day is personal and memorable for you and your friends and family, and full of special moments that people will be talking about for years to come.  We’ll also work with you to construct a wedding playlist that reflects your musical preferences, but will still work with your event.  

We offer a huge library with every kind of music imaginable, and will happily add any additional selections you would like.  Brides & grooms may also use our online database to browse music and build their playlist at their leisure, and may invite their wedding guests to do the same, enabling you to view guests’ selections beforehand and include your loved ones in the planning process.  We are also happy to customize music for you, whether it's slowing down a fast song to make a perfect first dance song, or creating a special dance medley to suprise your guests with.

We come prepared for practically anything that can occur at a wedding.  We always have backup DJs & transportation lined up, and we always bring battery powered backup equipment with us, so even if the power goes out at your reception venue the music will keep on rolling.  We carry full liability insurance to protect you and your security deposit, and will be happy to provide a copy of our policy to your reception venue.  We bring a kit to every event stocked with first aid supplies, toiletries, sewing kit, and more, so we can handle every last-minute wedding emergency.  We want everything to be exactly how you always imagined it, and for you to enjoy yourself while we worry about the details. 

We’ll be happy to meet with you any time you’d like to answer all your questions.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!