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About Us

For your special event, hire the local ensemble voted "best" by Colorado brides in 2012. With over twenty years experience, A Lyric Ensemble is clearly THE choice for a quality performance.

All of our members are professional musicians who currently perform and teach. A Lyric Ensemble consists of less than a dozen musicians to maintain the high quality that we offer. We are not a large entertainment agency, mixing and matching names off a list. Our musicians professionalism will infuse your event with harmony and balance.

A Lyric Ensemble received the 2008 & 2004 Boulder County Arts Alliance Addison Grant, as well as the 2008 Denver Musicians Union Music Performance Fund. We also received the Boulder Arts Commission 2004 & 2003 Arts in Education Grants.

We have performed concerts at the University of Colorado, the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, the University of Wyoming, Marharbour in Denver, the Academy in Boulder, as well as many other locations. The group has also been presented on KGNU Radio and Cable TV.

Our expertise will enhance your wedding, rehearsal dinner, anniversary party, birthday celebration or other special event. Kimberlee (cellist and manager) will help you customize the ensemble to best fit your unique specifications.

For events with fewer than fifty guests, a duo is a delightful addition. We offer five different instrument combinations and each one has its own unique repertoire. Violin and cello perform only classical selections, but flute and guitar can offer classical, popular and jazz selections. Please see our website for audio demos and repertoire lists of all five duo combinations.

For gatherings of more than fifty people, a trio can set an elegant, playful or classic mood. We offer five trios with different instrumentation. Again, the instruments determine the repertoire. A trio of all strings is limited to classical repertoire, but the ensembles that include guitar can offer classical, popular and jazz selections. This is a wonderful choice for a ceremony and cocktail hour- even a reception! Please visit our website for repertoire lists and audio demos.

We do recommend a quartet for events with more than one hundred people, depending on the environment. We offer four different instrument combinations of quartet- each with its own unique sound. Please visit our website for details.

Our contracted time is from the time we begin playing until we finish playing. There is no fee for set up time. We do have a one hour minimum, and continue in hour or half hour increments.

You will be mailed a repertoire list of the instrument combination you have chosen with your contract. Most clients prefer to discuss the specific selections for an event via phone or email- but you can meet with Kimberlee in Boulder if that is preferable.

The ensemble does need shade to perform outdoors. The heat of the sun makes the instruments go very out of tune and can actually damage them. We do not play outdoors below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Hire LIVE music to enhance your event! For centuries musicians have graced celebrations and life's special events. There is greater flexibility and set up versus canned music with speakers. We don't even need electricity! We look forward to working with you on creating the beautiful music that will help to make your occasion a dream come true. Please call or email for rates and availability.