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About Us

Reverend Alene Victoria Di Dio is a non-denominational minister who has been performing weddings on the California Coast since 1981. She supports couples in creating their own vows and ceremony or using her service, which is nonreligious but spiritually based. Alene emphasizes the sacred and equal partnering of deep friends: "To marry one's best friend is a blessing of a lifetime, and marriage is an opportunity to experience freedom through commitment".

In a culture where few ceremonies are practiced, your wedding will be one of the most important ceremonies of your life. The choices you make in choosing your mate, can last beyond your lifetime, especially if you choose to have children.

Daphne Rose Kingma, author of Wedding From the Heart says "the highest purpose of marriage is a spiritual path, and because at some level we do understand this, in our unconsciousness, we hold marriage to be the most significant bond we can ever make. We are called to marriage by no mistake. Through marriage we invite the evolvement of our Highest Spiritual Selves, for marriage is the spiritual grinding stone that will hone you to your brightest brilliance. It will cause you to become, not only who you want to be, but also the person whom you have no choice but to be. In marriage you will be reformed. For in choosing this particular person to love and make this commitment with, you are choosing to be affected and polished though the actions of your beloved upon you, through the praise, criticism, frustration, excitement, passion, joy, actions and interactions of the person you marry."

Marriage can be a pathway to explore and experience the deepest intimacy possible between two human beings. Always reaching for the best part of yourself when faced with life's challenges. The greatest foundation in which to create this kind of relationship is a marriage that is based on "friendship". It makes you able to see through your partner's well-being, goals, purpose and spirit; and unwilling for your partner to be anything less than he or she can be spiritually, mentally, or physically. If you can give your mate the same kind of space, considerations, compassion and patience that you allow your best friends, and the same kind of support to allow them to be all they can be, you will develop a relationship that is beyond your wildest dreams. When the storms of change are upon you, it will be the friendship you've created, that will give you the sustenance needed to guide you through. So if, on your wedding day, you can say "today I marry my best friend", you will have the opportunity to experience freedom through commitment and, indeed have one of the Greatest Blessings of a lifetime, a marriage based on friendship.