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About Us

Don Faith, the photographer at A Master Image has photographed more than 1,000 weddings over 20 years, but, notably, our prices are very reasonable - and the quality is unsurpassed.

Instead of pre-set packages, we offer you greater flexibility, so you will only pay for the pictures and time that will be right for you. Our Starting Point includes:

  • Four hours of photographer coverage time.
  • You'll receive at least 100 pictures to keep! These are 4" X 5" photographs, printed on Kodak's finest studio Professional Portrait paper.
  • A presentation album, also yours to keep, holding all the photographs we took at your wedding and reception.
  • Any special effects you enjoy (cross-stars, double exposures, vignettes, soft focus, centerspots, misties, etc. - and we craft them into the imagery while photographing, at no extra charge).
  • A planning meeting, usually a week prior to your wedding, to discuss all the shots you'd like for us to take. We'll use several albums, so you'll see all the choices you have in picture selection. This takes about 3 hours. It will allow you to tailor the photography to be exactly what you want - not what some photographer wants to take. This insight also takes the anxiety out of the approaching wedding, as you'll see exactly how the wedding day will unfold. Very few studios will spend hours constructing their coverage to be what you specifically desire.
  • $150.00 in reprints of your choosing (enlargements, wallets, etc.) is included.
  • Although we can post imagery online if you wish (if your guests live in distant places), or produce CDs of any file size, our acquisition medium is film, not digital. Without question, film is a superior format for weddings. It has a wider latitude and more contour depth - however, because shooting digital is far less expensive, many photographers have gone that route. But we are also gifted in Photoshop, so digital enhancements are always possible. You also have the option to receive your negatives for a very modest price - often free.
  • The same photographer, Don Faith, will be with you from beginning to end. We will not slip you a less experienced/qualified photographer to do the reception pictures.
  • You may add extra pictures (to be taken and kept) at only $24/ten, and that price even includes the album pages. So, if you'd like 40 more pictures (totaling 130), that's only $96.00. Additional (or less) time is charged at $65/hour, in quarter-hour increments ($16.25) - that's about half of what most studios charge. We also travel anywhere!

We are, proudly, an excellent value, and you'll never find anyone who will take more time or care to produce the very best pictures for you. For Off Season - or if we don't have a wedding booked in Prime Season three weeks prior to the date.

Special Limited Wedding coverage: 1½ hours of photographer work time taking 25 pictures from which to choose, keeping 20 of the 4" x 5"s and a display book, plus four 8" x 10" units = $279.95.

An option: Instead of photographs, we will scan our larger format negatives and create a CD with all of the images on it at a 20MB/300dpi file size, for excellent 11" x 14"s and smaller, with the Right to Reproduce conferred. Additional time, if necessary: $65/hour (in quarter-hour increments). Additional pictures taken/kept: $35 per ten.

Call us today if you have any questions or would like to set an appointment for a zero-pressure appointment to meet the photographer and view whole weddings, from start to finish!