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About Us

Our Photography
Incorporating the warmth and intimacy of good portraiture, as well as the spontaneity and truth of photo-journalism, our photographs have a sense of reality, of time and place. We have a classic approach for the richness of the day. We never lose sight of any opportunity to create a priceless social and historical record. Constantly evolving , we continue giving our clients more than they are expecting so our work stays fresh and exciting.

Our albums are Photo Essays, with depth and scope.

Vickie and I are Internationally recognized, award winning photographers. Our work has been reproduced in publications such as Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine Elegant Bride, The Knot. and Seattle Bride.

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Curtis & Vicky
An artistic eye and an understanding of your photographic tools make for a good wedding photographer. A personality that elicits natural expressions and relaxed, friendly spontaneous pictures make for a great wedding photographer. Both Curtis and Vickie have these talents.

From early on Curtis was thought of as “the artist” of the family. Following his talent, he enrolled at Southampton College in New York majoring in painting. Two years later he changed both school and major to Photography at the San Francisco Art Institute where he studied under some of the great photographers of the twentieth century.

Vickie came by her skills through working alongside Curtis as his assistant. After critiquing his work too many times he told her that if she thought she could do better, go ahead…and she did! Now they are the ultimate team in Seattle photography!

With a strong foundation in portraiture, yet a relaxed and very now style, combined with that great eye for the photojournalistic, they put together a photo presentation of your wedding that is unmatched. Their wedding-day personality is friendly and helpful; they never assume the “Artiste Aire” that so offends many wedding parties.

This combination has given Curtis Rhodes Photography its excellent reputation. They are on the referral lists of all the best people and places. They have created not only beautiful memories but also historical documentation for many couples and their families … for generations to come. Using both medium format and 35mm cameras they capture perhaps 600 images through your day. After careful editing, you will view the best 300 or so on your Wedding Web Site in about two weeks. You will want to E-mail all your friends and families that your pictures are “up” and from there they can order any shots they want for themselves.

About three weeks later you will receive an Image Catalog, a book containing all these photos…6 to a page…to make it a little easier to choose the photos you want in your Wedding Album.

Curtis and Vickie will then design your album…or albums, using your choices as a framework. You will set the tone of your album and Curtis and Vickie will add their artistry; the flow and narrative that makes for the complete story of the day that you will hold most precious forever.

Associates of Curtis Rhodes Photography, Brian and Trinity Osborn of Ohana Photography, have been working closely with Curtis and Vickie. Curtis Rhodes Photography is relocating out-of-state and have chosen Brian and Trinity Osborn to carry on their great reputation, excellent customer service and intense passion for wedding photography in the Seattle area. Sad to leave the area, Curtis and Vickie have every confidence in knowing their hard work of producing astonishing and unparalleled imagery will carry on through Brian and Trinity Osborn of Ohana Photography.