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About Rev. Sykes:

All Faiths Wedding Officiant/Minister, Rev. Ernestine Sykes.  Short notice weddings are fine for me!.  Non-denominational Catholic/Christian/Interfaith or Non-religious weddings.  Have your wedding, your way!

San Antonio Texas and metropolitan area

Services: Christian Union, Interfaith Ceremony, Non-religious...

Rev. Sykes officiates for religious or non-religious civil ceremonies in San Antonio, Texas and the metro area. Short notice weddings are her specialty. Rev. Sykes is flexible, personal and caring.  Contact Rev Sykes at (210) 544-0756
Rev. Sykes is an ordained minister and will officiate weddings and also performs premarital counseling on request. Rev. Sykes creates and performs joyful, meaningful, and personalized nondenominational wedding ceremonies for people of all religious backgrounds, whether the bride and groom are Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Eastern, any other faith, or no particular faith. Serving couples of any religious or spiritual background is the primary mission.

God has blessed each couple with the gift of love, and that love overrides other factors such as specific religious background, or the bride and groom being of different faiths, or whether either has been married before. The emphasis of our ceremonies is love and joy.

Sometimes engaged couples who are not active members of a Christian congregation or a Catholic parish community find that religious leaders will not officiate unless certain rigid conditions and restrictions are met. Rev Sykes does not have these requirements.

"This is your wedding!"

To help couples plan their ceremonies, she offers brides and grooms a ceremony that allows them to select ceremony texts and assists them in writing their own ceremonies. When the atmosphere and words of a wedding ceremony personally reflect the love the bride and groom feel for each other, the ceremony becomes a powerful beginnng of their new life together.

Rev. Ernestine Sykes is a member of Quest Ministries, One Spirit Diocese of the Catholic Church, the American Association of Wedding Officiants and the Universal Life Church. Rev. Sykes has studied religion and theology for many years, she is an ordained minister, and also performs ceremonies for baptisms, christenings, house blessings, funerals and memorials.