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About Us

A Planned Memory” is a full-service wedding company that is based in San Antonio, Texas. My goal is to service the needs of my clients both efficiently and professionally by working closely with each client and on an individual basis.

My experience has demonstrated that each of my clients have very unique needs. Therefore, it is my mission to listen to you and respond with the care and understanding that there can be no “cookie cutter method” for meeting your high level of expectation.

Therefore, I offer a wide range of Signature Wedding Packages and A La Carte services that can be tailored to meet and exceed your high level of expectation. {During our consultation, I will design a plan which fits your desires based on the type of services requested.}

Whatever you need, from setting a wedding date to investigating invitation choices and from creating a wedding budget to planning your entire event, “A Planned Memory” will do it for you!!! Let “A Planned Memory” handle all of the details for you so that you can relax and enjoy your day with your friends and family.