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Your ceremony is a significant moment in life;  a personal and distinctive statement shared with your family and friends;  an intimate ritual celebrating your love and commitment while marking the formal beginning of your new life together.  You'll likely want it to be rich in life, love and laughter and a cherished memory for everyone.

Your special celebration lies in the hands of the person performing the ceremony. After all, you might only say those famous two words ("I Do") - but they could say 5000! A great wedding officiant is more that a person in a robe, with a heartfelt presentation. The officiant uses quotes, poetry, humor and his/her own original material to set the tone you expect and keep the participants engaged.

The verbal expression of your vows is an intimate and spiritual event occurring at your most vulnerable moment.  Shouldn't the wedding official be someone with whom you have a connection?

Whether your ceremony is held in an enormous venue or in the intimacy of your home, your celebrant should craft and deliver a beautiful, custom ceremony with vows that express your interests, dreams and intentions as well as your uniqueness as a couple.  The spoken words and rituals on your wedding day should tell your love story and reflect your commitment.

I hope you will explore the Vows and Promises website and then give me a call.  Perhaps I am the non-religious wedding ceremony official you are looking for? I look forward to finding-out.

- Michael Braxton