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About Us

We started photographing weddings after we had chosen to have a family acquaintance document our own wedding. The images were very disappointing, but they inspired in us a desire for capturing memories that will last for generations. It was then, that we wanted to combine Brian’s background in fashion photography with the beauty, details & romance of the wedding day.

Together, we work to document the feelings and chemistry shared between you as a couple, but also the tears and laughter or your family and friends. We capture not only the action, but the reaction as well, the spontaneous moments that are all too often forgotten or never seen. We don’t just take pictures, we put emotions into a visible form for you.

Our work has a distinct, modern quality, simple, but at the same time, layered with subtle design elements. The texture of your dress, the elegant place cards, the flowers that you spent hours picking out are all part of what makes up your unique style. We want you to remember every nuance and amazing detail that went into planning your new beginning.

Our goal is to capture the true story of your wedding. To document the day, so that in the years to come, you may look back at your images and not only remember your day, but relive it as well.