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About Us

If you are looking to create a unique event that reflects your personal style, you have chosen the right people to help you. We specialize in working with you to create the wedding you envision. The key to a successful event is the ability to take a vision and weave it throughout the details of the entire day, creating an overall feel that you and your guests will remember forever.

Although this process can be great fun, it is also a detail-oriented, time-consuming adventure that can become overwhelming. Hiring someone to help you is a smart move, especially in today's world where more and more demands are being made of your time. Whether you are only lookng for a little guidance in doing it yourself or are in need of someone to take charge of the entire event so that you can relax and enjoy a worry-free day, we are here to assist you.


"In just 6 short months you helped us pull together a beautiful, elegant event with exactly the touch of warmth and hospitality we were seeking...I'm convinced we couldn't have achieved such high praise without the wonderful guidance, support and wedding expertise you brought to the table. And on top of everything, both of you were a joy to work with - - we really appreciated your enthusiasm and effervescence. Thank you for handling the unexpected with such great aplomb and for keeping things moving smoothly." - JoAnn Gerber

"Shortly into my engagement I became frustrated that none of the reception sites or vendors I called were available. I was afraid that just because I had less than a year to plan I wouldn't be able to have the wedding I had dreamed of. I was thrilled you were able to pull everything together in such a short time and give me the wedding I always wanted!" -Kristin Mosher

"You both saved the day on more than one occasion--Jenn, can I thank you enough for handling the bouquet fiasco? And Polly, what would our gorgeous cake have looked like without your help? I know there were many near-disasters that we never knew about, but you both remained calm & efficient from start to finish." -Gloria Tombleson

"One moment that stands out in my mind along with a million others, is that from the time we told you our initial budget, you never once said we couldn't do our wedding within that budget. Instead you came up with alternative ideas that would work within our budget. You never pushed us to do anything we weren't comfortable with. That's one of the many things that makes you and "A Warm Reception" stand out from the rest. - Deonna Heath