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About Us

When I pick up the camera there's this instinctual part of me that takes over. I continually have one eye in the camera and the other searching for the next moment to capture. Always ready, searching out the best light, a creative perspective, and a thoughtful composition. At the same time I'm very considerate and respect boundaries. I blend into the scene and create imagery.

From the moment I arrive at your wedding till the day I burn your DVD, I work incredibly hard on every image to ensure the highest possible quality. I wouldn't have it any other way!

My experience ranges from having grown up in traditional studio and wedding photography, photojournalism, to my current session position with the State Senate. My photography is also augmented by my time as a wildlife biologist-oh and of course my experiences of being a father of two boys!


"How wonderful it is to look back on such a special and important day, and to see again, so many moments unknown to us, to see again, a remembrance of emotion, to see family and friend with the evening sun upon their face, the colors of the water, the stone as it flew in its blessing, to see fairy girl with wing askew, the glow of our own delight as we reveled in so much support and love. You have an eye for seeing beauty unfold in the flicker of a second, and we so appreciate your work! Thank you!" -With Love, Tim & Heather

"Holy cow!!!! You are quick!!! THANK YOU!!! We love our pictures and will be seeing you at Mark and Rhiannon's wedding, as they loved our pictures as well!! I hope your baby is doing well." Thanks Again, Jen and Allen

"A HUGE thank you for your time, talent and presence at our wedding Aaron. You easily melded in with our friends and family and everyone at the wedding appreciated your presence. I can only imagine how many different experiences/personalities you have had at weddings yet your genuine kindness and involvement in our wedding made us feel like we were all perfectly normal!!" -Carol… "Oh Aaron, we can't thank you enough for being there on our very special day. You do an incredible job; I truly feel like we can relive the whole wedding over and over again because of your ability to capture our love, relationships and spirit of the day. My friend Shellie took a picture of you that I need to send you--the photographer, still smiling after a long day at work:)" -Many thanks, Carol and Andy

"My husband just sent me the pictures and they were simply beautiful. We deeply appreciate you producing these amazing and touching pictures. I guess we were extremely lucky to have found you. We will make sure to recommend you to anyone who is looking for the right person to capture their wedding. Thank you so much for the good work again." -Best, Boyoung and Recep

"They are beautiful!!! What an amazing celebration. THANK YOU! …Love the green and light in the cedar grove. And love how you got so many photos of everyone. We'll send out a link soon and be in touch when we get back from B.C." -Blessings, Anne and Matthew

"Hey Aaron, I was just looking at all the wonderful pictures again... I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for capturing one of the most amazing days of my life the way you did. PERFECTLY! You are an amazing photographer." -Patricia and David