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Why Weddings

Often asked why I photograph weddings, I normally give the same answer, "I enjoy it".  But then after really thinking about it, the real reason:

I photograph weddings because of the joy evident in the bride’s eyes at any given moment throughout the day. To see that twinkle in her eyes, the smile on her face and the love she has for her groom. Additionally she knows without a shadow of a doubt, that she is loved by him. She is complete, she is loved, and she is protected and her groom will be there for her. It is that radiant joy that comes from the bride that fills the heart.

A wedding also serves as a reminder of who I am supposed to be as a man and a husband. A man of integrity, a man that has made a decision to love the woman that he has made a vow to, and to keep that love in his heart, to respect her, to honor her, to be her shield and pillar, to lift her up to GOD and remember that she is a gift from HIM and that without her he is not complete. It reminds me to ensure that she keeps the twinkle in her eyes and that smile on her face, the same as the day she said YES to me. And when that smile and joy is not there, I need to look at myself and make changes to bring back the smile and joy. For as GOD LOVES me, and my happiness is important to HIM; I LOVE her and her happiness is important to me. She is the love of my life and I am only complete with her by my side.

Weddings are a loving fulfillment of life and I hope my photographs serve to keep the love story


Aaron Bernard