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About Us

I grew up in a family of artists and photographers. My grandfather, Peter Grant, was a renowned photographer/report, and one of the creators of the World War II newspaper Pacific Stars and Stripes. He went on to photograph presidents, emperors and generals and perhaps most impressive to some, he was the photographer/reporter on the plane with the Beatles when they first too on the United States in 1964.

So why did I become a photographer?
My grandfather. His amazing life filled with stories and adventures inspired me to become what I am today - a photographer who embraces life to the fullest. Under the guidance of my grandfather, I learned what it takes to capture an amazing image. The photographs somehow need to touch your heart. Once you have that, you need the technical knowledge to foster the image to achieve its full strength and quality. To master this concept, I attended the renowned Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara and finished among the top of my class where I gained the skills to be both creative and technical.

So why wedding photography?
Wedding photography gave me a medium to create photographs that would have a direct impact on my clients for a lifetime. I hold the key to keeping a memory alive forever. Photography truly is in my blood. Not just a job or a hobby, this is my passion.