Absolutely Charleston

PO Box 80489
Charleston, SC 29416
United States

Charleston is ranked as the third most popular destination wedding location in the United States. This ranking tags along with a 2006 Conde’ Nast survey listing Charleston in its top 4 U.S. destinations along with New York, San Francisco and Las Vegas!

These lofty statistics bring lots of brides and their wedding party to the area for several days at a time. Many of the guests are here to participate in a number of parties and celebrations both before and after the wedding and reception, and they need a reliable and safe means of transportation. Absolutely Charleston is an organization that is focused on transporting local and visiting brides and their guests to the numerous spectacular and unique locations and other special events before and after the wedding! It’s all about piece of mind. The driver will be in a pre-determined place at a pre-determined time. You don’t have to worry about the out-of-towners getting lost on their way to the reception, and they don’t have to worry about parking---just the celebration at hand.

Have "an Absolutely Charleston Experience!"

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From our 1923 "Old Charleston" City Bus to our Trackless Trolley, let us provide an Absolutely Charleston experience for your wedding.