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Congratulations on your engagement!

At Accent Photography & Videography by Gregory Gittsovich, we realize your wedding day may be the most exciting and emotional day of your life. That is why you need your photography and videography to be absolutely perfect. After all, it is not (unfortunately) every day that hundreds of friends and family gather to celebrate YOU.

Hi. I am Gregory Gittsovich and I have been passionate about wedding photography for over 25 years. I love photography, but more than that, I love helping my clients capture the moments in their lives that mean the most. That is what I have devoted my life to.

Your wedding will be more than just the most beautiful dress imaginable, perfectly color-coordinated flowers and an awesome reception. (Though it will, of course, be all these things too.) The essence of your wedding will be the love, excitement, and happiness between you and those closest to you.

That is what Accent Photography & Videography is all about. Besides beautiful traditional photographs, we capture the emotional moments that define relationships. One of our great advantages is our knack for capturing intimate moments other photographers often miss: your bridesmaids laughing as they attempt to figure out what attaches to what on the back of your dress, the look you and your father exchange before you take your first step together down the aisle, the uncontrollable smiles as you exchange vows.

With all these emotional images to choose from, your album will never be a standard collection of pictures. Instead, it will be a completely customized, high-quality illustration of your wedding's emotional story that distinctly represents the magic and uniqueness of your relationship.

A professionally produced video of your wedding will be another of the your most important possessions. Throughout the years, it will bring back all the joy and passion of this wonderful day. If done well, this video is PRICELESS. Don't trust it to anyone other than the best.

As wedding videography specialists with years of experience, we have the technical and artistic expertise to produce the unique story of your special day. A videotape or DVD of your wedding created by Accent Photography & Videography will not just "record the event." Equipped with state-of-the art video production tools, including multiple broadcast-grade digital video cameras, wireless microphones and non-linear computer editing systems, our team will artistically capture the love and relationships with sight, movement, sound and emotion, producing nothing short of a breathtaking piece of art.

We take pride in capturing the emotional story of your wedding, whether through photography or videography. In fact, many couples have been very impressed with the convenience, quality and cost savings associated with letting us handle both photography and videography. The advantage is that rather than competing, we work as a team, cooperating to provide the best of both worlds.

Above all, we realize the most important thing is your happiness. We make sure you get exactly what you want, we conduct ourselves in a professional and friendly manner and we deliver beautiful images that will allow you and your loved ones to relive the magic of your wedding day again and again. Make the choice now to capture a treasure chest of living memories from Accent Photography & Videography.

Please call us to discuss your wedding photography and / or videography. We offer customized packages that can be tailored to reflect your unique personality and to fit a wide variety of preferences and budgets. Let us provide you with the excellent photography and videography you deserve.

Gregory Gittsovich

Accent Photography & Videography by Gregory Gittsovich
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Accent Photography and Videography
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