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Advanced Visuals Video Productions is set apart from other video companies for several reasons.  

1.  YEARS OF EXPERIENCE:  Advanced Visuals got its start offering wedding and event video in 1987, more than 26 years ago and now spanning four decades.  

2.  # OF WEDDINGS SHOT:  With having begun offering wedding and event video back in 1987, Advanced Visuals has provided hundreds of wedding videos throughout the years/decades.  What this means to our brides, is you can expect the highest of quality, and your video is in fine hands.  

3.  VALUE:  Advanced Visuals keeps its prices very competitive.  We believe "every bride deserves to have a once-in-a-lifetime video of her once-in-a-lifetime day." Therefore, we offer various packages and various deal/gift certificates to attempt to accommodate every bride on every budget.  

4.  QUALITY / CREATIVITY:  Our videos are extremely well shot, with creativity in mind.  We utilize various techniques including cinematic and documentary.  

5.  CUSTOMER RESPONSE:  Our brides LOVE their videos.  We have heard this many times throughout the years, and we never get tired of hearing it.  Our goal is to hear it from you.  



In addition to the above, we look at your wedding day as just that - it is "your day," and the wedding video is "your wedding video."  What that really means to us is that we consult with you prior to your  wedding day to confirm what you are really looking for in your video, what you want covered and what is important to you to be included in the video.  Having done hundreds of wedding videos over the years, no two weddings are completely the same, and each has its own qualities. It is those unique qualities of each individual wedding that we really aim to capture, and we do this extremely well.  We want those qualities of your wedding day that are most important to you to be what makes your video what it really is.  Although there are many styles and trends regarding wedding video, and music can be added to enhance video, it is the events of the your particular wedding day that are most important.  Although we do incorporate very modern, cinematic approaches, it is still the events of your wedding day that are truly going to make the video what it is.  

There are no "take twos" with a wedding video.  Therefore, it is essential to have an extremely experienced and skilled wedding videographer to achieve the finest in your wedding video.  

To view additional video samples of our work,  visit our website at or visit the below links.  



1.  Highlight Video/Music Video (sampe # 1):  

2.  Highlight Video/Music Video (sample # 2):


For a state-of-the-art wedding video, EXPERIENCE matters. With over 26 years of experience and hundreds of wedding videos shot over the years, you receive the best of quality at a fine price. Our brides LOVE their videos,. Advanced Visuals covers the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas and offers a wide variety of packages.