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About Us

Aeterno ( I-‘ter-“no): To make eternal, immortal. From the Latin word Aeternus which means eternal, everlasting, or without end.

My sister and I have always appreciated the beauty in life and had a desire to capture that beauty. After we both graduated from Oregon State University we have finally begun to realize that dream with Aeterno

Our passion is creative excellence and we uphold the principal of professional artistry in everything we do. Our contemporary view combined with our love of classical elegance makes for truly timeless videos.

With almost five years experience and training we have the technical knowledge and experience to go with our creative eye. As members of the Wedding and Event Videographers Association (WEVA) we are constantly immersed in training and updating our skills.

Each wedding we produce is of the highest standards in quality. The ceremony is filmed with three cameras and videographers and pre-ceremony and the reception is filmed with two cameras, two videographers. We also recognize the importance of audio and use wireless microphones and an independent digital audio recording with each ceremony. All packages include:

  • Four full DVD’s
  • Two mini-DVD’s
  • Ten mini-CD’s containing the Wedding Montage
  • Custom menus, labels, and covers
  • Wedding Edit

Packages: Our packages are based on the number of hours the team is present at your wedding and start around $900. All packages come with a wedding edit and additional options can be added to the packages based on your specific needs. Contact us and we will put together a package based on your unique event.

High-Definition: An amazing leap forward in the world of video, the HD packages combine all the skill and artistry of the standard packages with all the technical advantages that HD brings. Contact us with your specific needs and we will put together a package for you.

Additional Options

  • Rehearsal Attendance/Dinner Coverage
  • Journalistic Ceremony Edit
  • Wedding Trailer/Preview
  • Wedding Teaser
  • Credits
  • Pre-Ceremony Montage
  • Additional Wedding Montage
  • Highlights
  • Reception Highlights
  • Guest Interviews
  • Same Day Edit
  • Wedding Favor DVDs
  • Wedding Slideshow
  • His or Hers Interactive DVD

Additional Products

  • Love-Story Featurette
  • Music Video
  • Bridal Spotlight Video
  • Groom’s Moment Video
  • Bachelor or Bachelorette Party Coverage