About Us

Welcome to Visiting Media!  Originally founded by a group of wedding venue owners from Oregon, Visiting Media is now the worlds largest provider of virtual tour sales tools to private event facilities.

Private event facilities and hospitality busiensses use Visiting Media's TrueTour™  technology to visually share their businesses with customers.  Using a new form of 360 photography, TrueTour technology dramatically improves how businesses share their facilities via e-mail, during tours, at tradeshows and on websites like mywedding.com.

Visiting Media provides all 360 photography, training, support and analytics for a low monthly fee with no upfront cost!  This mywedding.com profile shows a Visiting Media TrueTour prototype.  This TrueTour incluedes a variety of 360 photography and other general content and is designed to show features and fuctions.  Some features on this prototype are inactive.

Please enjoy this Visiting Media TrueTour prototype and be sure to explore the prototype images and aerial video samples in the gallery below.  Use the SMS function to text this TrueTour to your smartphone or pull it by texting 'truetour' to 24587.  This text pin feature comes standard with all Visiting Media memberships and is a great way to improve and track the return from print advertising and marketing materials.


*This is a sample profile designed to showcase a Visiting Media TrueTour prototype.  Aileron Hill Vineayard is a ficticious name and images shown are not from this location.