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About Us

At Alias we LOVE what we do! Our goal is to create a look that YOU love, an Alias! For us an Alias is the image we create that starts with the vision of our client. What do YOU have in mind?  Then, we use our years of experience, research of the latest trends and beautiful looks of the past to create an innovative look for you...your Alias!


We use the best quality, longest-lasting and effective products available to create your Alias. Not everyone's skin is the same so we have specialized products for all skin types.  No matter whether your skin is oily, dry, sensitive  or mature we use products that will leave your skin looking flawless and fantastic!


Not everyone's hair holds a curl the same way, lengths range from short to long and hair can vary from thin to coarse.  We've mastered styles for all types of hair and know how to style hair so it lasts all day.


At Alias you will feel confident in your new look. People will notice the difference. It’s beautiful!


And finally, you will be so impressed by our level of professionalism, knowledge of the industry and trends, and the way we do business, that you will recommend us to everyone you know!


So, let’s get started...


Everyone wants an Alias...

Let’s create yours today!