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San Francisco / Kansas City
San Francisco / Kansas City, Lawrence United States

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It's ok to admit that you're scared of wedding DJs.
The bad tuxes; the tacky "jazz" music during dinner; the fear of the Macarena and the Chicken Dance.
Here is the good news: it does not have to be that way. All Ears Mobile DJ will rock your wedding party with music that exudes good taste. Want a Motown mood? Cue up the Marvin Gaye. Looking for some '80s flair? Bring on the Talking Heads and Michael Jackson. Does a '90s theme suit you? Beck and the Pixies are at your command. More modern you say? Hello Outkast and LCD Soundsystem.
Of course, there might be an occasion for Bon Jovi and the B-52s. It happens. Sometimes you just can't deny it. And if that's how you want your party rocked, that's A-OK with us. We keep that stuff in a glass case labeled "break in the event of emergency."
Most importantly, All Ears Mobile DJ is all about spinning the tunes that YOU want to hear. We specialize in customized playlists, customized reception planning, and customized customization. By the time we get to your wedding, we'll already have your favorite music cued up. And by the time we leave, we'll probably be best friends forever.
In addition to deejaying your reception, All Ears DJs can sing sweet love songs as you walk down the aisle. Singing and playing acoustic guitar, they can learn your favorite songs or draw from a catalog of songs ranging from The Beatles to Ray Lamontagne. The sing real perty and your mom will be bawling like a little baby. Visit Richard's YouTube page for proof that they don't suck.

All Ears Mobile DJ provides exceptionally tasteful music and coordination for weddings and events. All staff DJs are also performing singer/guitarists offering additional options for live acoustic music. Most importantly, we're not total creepers who show up in ponytails and dad jeans.