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About Us

Dear Friends,

          Many blessings to you as you embark on this wondrous journey of love and commitment and thank you for exploring My Denver Wedding.com. I recently moved to Colorado from New York City where I performed many weddings as an Interfaith Minister in Manhattan.

          I help you create your wedding ceremony by providing a booklet of options for the service - the result of years of working with couples to develop formats for weddings - that will be personally and spiritually meaningful to you and your guests. The booklet provides a working copy for us and is adaptable to Christian, Jewish, Interfaith, or spiritual but non-religious weddings. You are encouraged to add, edit or delete anything you chose. The finished product, your unique ceremony, is compiled and put into a white binder which I use during the ceremony and give to you afterwards.

          When performing a wedding, it is my goal to create an atmosphere of gratitude and blessing both for the couple getting married and the guests. Love is truly the force which binds all things together, and a wedding service is a celebration of love for the participants and the observers. I am there to make the pronouncement, but more than that, I am there to honor your choice and the loved ones that have nurtured you and will nurture you in the future.

"To those in whom Love Dwells, the Whole World is One Family."
                    Hindu Wisdom Saying

BIOGRAPHY ~ Sara Emrie, M.S.C., received her degree as an Interfaith Minister from the New Seminary in New York City, a 2-year program which studies and honors all spiritual paths. She was the Assistant Minister of the Interfaith Fellowship in Manhattan from 1993-2000, officiating at weddings, memorial services and baby namings before her relocation to Colorado. She writes for and is a contributing editor to Miracles Magazine, a bi-monthly publication serving the Interfaith and A Course in Miracles community. She currently lives in Englewood with her beautiful son Manny, who she adopted from Guatemala in 1998.

"I was overwhelmed by the beauty of Sara's ceremony at my sister's wedding. Her loving spirit and beautiful, sincere presentation added so much to this special day. My family and our guests were thoroughly impressed!"
     Adrienne Brown, Maid-of-Honor
     Nuptuals of: Megan Stone and Jerry Pritchard
     Mt. Vernon Country Club Golden, CO