About Us

Started with a dream and their love and has inspired a family generation Paul and Dewi are a husband and wife team, with a love for life & unique vision for photography , Video and Wedding coordination "Team work makes the dream work" is their moto Their work stems from a passion for excellence and a desire for creativity.

Their strength is in working together sharing one vision though the lens of love ,,,,, their style is a natural, relaxed, fun , glamorous, and creative They create an ideal environment where couples are able to be themselves and have fun. Paul and Dewi also oversee & help coordinate wedding ceremonies, when they are not busy photographing the event. . Couples are often amazed at their versatility and creativity in weddings.

Being true to experiencing the elusive is like a baby eagle taking flight for the first time over the cliff into the mysterious field of the open sky" Paul

To dissolve from the finite, to loosen the hold , to uncondition the foot steps, to forget the name, where one lives ,,,,,,
this is a triumph for me . Though the witnessing may be brief like lightning giving light to form in a darken night. Or a shooting star , a moment that lives forever , and if for only that alone illumination insight all the effort and toil is worthwhile ... Paul's Journal