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About Us

Your Wedding is a Celebration. It should be FUN!!

Our business is named "always focused on YOU photography." We really mean it. Your wedding is not about US, or our "STYLE". We have specialized in Wedding Photography for 8 years, and are here to help you plan and ENJOY your wedding celebration. Our highest goal is that you will be able to relax and enjoy all the aspects of your special day. To that end we supply Sample Timelines for the wedding day, lists of Helpful Hints, and suggested Family Group Photo Lists to help you plan it all in advance. Then on your wedding day, you can relax, enjoy, and spend your day focusing on your love for each other.

We bring a Fresh approach with our "outside the box" thinking. Our Brides love the creative suggestions we make, both before, and during the wedding day that keep their photos original, innovative, distinctive, ……….. and above all FUN !! We don't want to try to impose some artificial fairy tale "look" on your wedding, after all, this isn't a performance and you aren't actors. Rather, we strive to capture the unique, genuine character of you as a couple, as you join together to start a new chapter of your lives. Also, we make a point to get candid photos of absolutely everyone who attends your wedding, if they were important enough for you to invite, then we will preserve a photo record of them for you. Even though most of these photos won't make it into an album, we will make sure you get them on a CD.

We try to be very honest and straightforward with our couples, right from the start, by posting our prices IN DETAIL on our website. You can even print out your own copy as a reference. With us, you will not find a "Prices begin at" ploy to get you into a hard-sell meeting. Instead, you will be able to know exactly what you will be getting for your money BEFORE you even contact us.

One IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE about us is: With the majority of our Photography Packages, we do not charge by the hour, the whole day of your wedding is reserved for you. Our photographer will stay until the Bride & Groom make their get-a-way. Never any hourly surcharges on your wedding day. If you are enjoying your celebration at your reception, you shouldn't have to worry that your photographer is going to leave before you do!!

You will receive all the negatives to all your pictures at no extra charge, along with a Copyright license to make as many prints as you like from any photo lab you choose.

We store a full set of your wedding photo files in our bank safe deposit vault for years "just in case" you suffered a disaster where you lost everything. The replacement files are free.

A CD with your wedding picture to submit to your newspaper.

Just to make sure your wedding day flows smoothly, we bring an Emergency Kit with supplies of virtually anything you might think of. Bandaids, aspirin, antacids, coughdrops, needle and thread to sew buttons back on, shoelaces, shoe polish, tape, string and glue, hairpins, safety pins, an extra set of men's tux studs, a spare garter, deodorant, pantyhose, feminine hygiene products, matches, zip-strip cable ties, fabric stain remover wipes, and MORE. No need to worry, we've got you covered.

SEE? It IS all about YOU and making this one of the happiest days of your lives!!

Visit our website and call us toll free!! We would be honored to be a part of your Wedding Day Team to help in making your wedding a success, and capturing a total collection of memories to last a lifetime.

The Shaw Family