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About Us

The Amadeus String Ensemble combines artistic excellence, professionalism, and experience to make your wedding ceremony truly memorable.

The string quartet is known for its warm, rich sound, and creates the effect of a small orchestra that so many people love. It also provides the most versatility in terms of repertoire. It is our most requested ensemble.

The string trio and duo are also wonderful options; they have a lighter, more transparent sound. Solo violin is suited mostly for a small wedding. We can substitute the violin with a flute for either the quartet or trio if you prefer.

For an especially grand event, you may want to consider highlighting the string quartet with a trumpet. A trumpet fanfare can add a dramatic and celebratory touch, and will surely capture the guests' attention as the bride enters.

Our goal is to perform exquisitely for your ceremony and have all the processions and entrances flow seamlessly with our music. Before your wedding day, we will help you select the music and personalize a program. On your wedding day, we will take care of all the visual cues with your wedding director beforehand and adjust the tempo/length of songs according to the pace of the processions.