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Some time ago Joannie and I planned our wedding. We did like most couples do. asked for references from friends and co-workers, called those vendors we wanted to interview, made the appointment, and then tried to fit our schedule into theirs. ! At the time I was in school studying to be a teacher,, and professional photographer.  Joannie and I also worked ull time. It was tough trying to find time to interview potential vendors for our wedding. We found ourselves squezzed for time and stressing out because of our busy schedule  and then trying to find the vendors that fit our needs and most importantly our budget.! After all the painful decision making and a few arguments in between about who we liked and didn't like the day arrived and on April 9th we got married,! You would have thought that our wedding would have been perfect ! After all we spent two full years planning, and preparing for our wedding most of it on our own. We prayed that we made the right decisions, and that we didn't forget anything, and that everyone would remember our wedding as the best they had ever experienced.

Unfortunately it didn't happen,! In fact our wedding was just short of a total disaster!  During our search for the "right" vendors we knew that a top weddig photographer was a must. Someone who had experience, talented, skilled, and was capable of capturing images the way we wanted. When we met with one of the photographers during our interview process, we found he was engaging, friendly, and seemed to be very supportive, and he was one of the top wedding photographers in Southern California, according to all the hupe we read about him.

On our wedding day in which the ceremony started at 2, he arrives at 1:40, a mere 20 minutes before the ceremony and attempts to take all the pre-ceremony photographs in a 15 minute span. Needless to say that wass disaster number one. Disaster number two was he showed up alone, and not with an associate photographer. Number three was his angles for photographing our wedding was boring and limited by his iuse of lenses on his camera. Three came after our ceremony. It was clear that this bozo had no concept of consideration to any of my family our friends. When the final photograph of our family was captured two full hours had elapsed. My reception wa to begin at 3, we were introduced at 4:30. About 20 percent of my guest left the reception, and to say my mother was  ticked off! I thought she was going to hunt this guy down and do him in! When we finally received our wedding photographs we were shocked to find that during his full coverage stay at our wedding he limited the number of images to such a low number we had hardly any images to choose for our wedding book.

Why do I share this story with you? It was because of my own personal disaster story that makes us the company we are. This photographer was not honest with us when we met him and interviewed him. He fed us a bunch of lies making us believe he was their for us. When reality struck it was to late, and his true charecter came through.

Our number one goal and we are motivated by this is to make sure our clients are extremely happy with everything we do for them. No one should have to endure what we experienced, and Joannie and I will bend over backwards to insure your wedding day will be a dream come tru and not a nighmare.



It's not about us..the fact is it's all about you! Brides and Grooms can relate to us, because we can relate to them. We listen to brides and grooms, find out what their looking for, make it happen!  We are into happy brides fulfilling their hopes and dreams with modern fresh photography. When it comes to getting married, brides and grooms have so much to deal with..it's a fact that costs can be a huge decision making factor. We've made it our goal to provide every bride an opportunity to get world class service, photography, cinematography, etc. at a very affordable price. Some of our brides say were ridiculously affordable compared to what they receive. So why do we do this? Because we listen!!!!

WOW! AWESOME! AMAZING! That's what brides say about their wedding photographs we create!

Congratulations on your engagement!

So, you are newly engaged and now; the planning stage. It mat seem a bit overwhelming and perhaps intimidating at the beginning but with the help of family and friends you will get through it just fine.

We understand how difficult it can be planning a wedding. It is our desire to help make your planning a bit easier call Joannie and I and we will bend over backwards to assist you in any way we can.

Our dream is to make your dreams come true!


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